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Post Op care

After surgery you will go home and relax.  You will be told to use your eye drops that night.  Watering and itching are common after the surgery.  You may notice some discharge which is normal.  Blurred vision and numbness is also normal.  It may take a few weeks for you to heal from the surgery which is why we wait to do the other eye's surgery.  You will be given an appointment to be seen the next day.

Surgery Day

On the day of surgery, you will arrive at our surgery center located across the hall from our clinic.  The specialized nurses will:

                    take your blood pressure
                    go over your medications
                    ask if you are allergic to any medication
                    put in a number of eye drops to dilate the eye, prevent infection and  swelling

Next you will go to anesthesia where you will be given drops to numb the eye.  You won't be put to sleep for the procedure, but you will receive a mild sedative, to make sure you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Cataract surgery
After making a tiny incision in your cornea, the doctor will use an ultrasonic probe the size of a pen tip to vacuum the cataract lens.  Once the old lens has been removed, we will insert the replacement lens in your eye.  Typically, the lens is inserted through the same tiny incision.  Once inserted, the new lens unfolds perfectly into place. 

Because of the small surgical incision, you won't require stitches.  Your eye should heal itself naturally without the need for stitches or a patch.  The entire surgery takes about 5 minutes.

Dr. Davé and Dr. Parikh have the unique advantage of utilizing the Surgery Center located across the hall from our clinic.  Surgeries performed here include: 
           Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)
           Corneal Transplants
           YAG laser


There are many benefits to using our ASC as opposed to a hospital.  Some of those benefits include:

  • Specialty trained eye surgery nurses
  • Same day procedures
  • Return to work the next day
  • No need to stop medications
  • Less Expensive

Our patients feel at ease because of the attention given by our staff to make their surgery as comfortable as possible.
Cataract and Refractive Surgery Center