Time for a Fresh Start

Imagine seeing spring flowers in a richer color or reading by the pool without foggy vision. It’s time to get your sight back to its younger days and consider cataract surgery.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a cloudiness in the eye’s lens, which prevents light from passing through the eye and reaching the retina. Opacity in the eye can be minor, or extremely hindering to your vision. Cataracts are most often seen in adults over 40, but they can occur at any age and cause gradual vision loss.

Cataract Surgery

In cataract surgery, our doctor’s place a small incision in the eye. Through this incision, they remove the cloudy lens by a process of phacoemulsification. This process creates sound waves that disintegrate the cataract. Once broken apart, all particles are removed from the eye and the lens of the eye is replaced with a clear implant.