The Dominion Eye Story

It’s a visual world. Make the most of it.

Dominion Eye Associates focuses on providing quality and care within the array of services offered. Dr. Davé and Dr. Parikh have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision through a diverse range of surgeries, including no-stitch cataract surgeries and corneal transplants. With same-day testing, Dominion Eye Associates offers swift and convenient services for any eye care concern.

Our expertise is supported by a team of renowned doctors and an established practice. We offer both ECP and iStent procedures. These options provide better glaucoma control for patients with high pressure and eliminate the need for costly eye drops. With same-day testing, an adjacent surgery center, and thorough consultations, we ensure convenience.

Dominion Eye Associates locations participate with Medicare and most major insurance plans. We file both your primary and secondary insurance forms to ensure an efficient process. We also accept CareCredit to meet your financing needs.

Dr. Akshay Davé and Dr. Rishi Parikh drive the practice as comprehensive ophthalmologists with over 25 years of combined experience. They offer services ranging from endoscopic eye surgery to laser vision correction. As attentive specialists, they walk you through each step of the process. They understand the value that exists within an all-encompassing eye care experience. Dominion Eye Associates are available for all types of questions and concerns, so come see what makes us the perfect fit.

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Dominion Eye Associates is home to a team of committed health care providers who are passionate about their careers. We are constantly expanding to support our growing client base. For those who are looking to further their careers, we are seeking exceptional individuals to join our team of eye care professionals.

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  • "I received excellent care and would not hesitate to recommend the center to others. Even phone calls went well and without a long wait time. Keep up the excellent care. Customer Service means a lot."

    - J Harrison, Patient

  • "The surgery was good. Very Professional and the nurses were nice to me! No pain or anything. It was a well-done job. I do appreciate this surgery. Thank you, everyone, for caring for me, Job Well Done."

    - Harry D., Surgery Patient

  • "Dr. Parikh was amazing with his skill. Dr. Davé was so pleasant when I dealt with him, and the staff and nurses were excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Parikh or Dr. Davé for anyone that needs their services."

    - S Gee, Cataract Patient